i dont want to set the world on fire    

The pilot-helmet HGU-26/P, designed for military purpose, is metapher for limitations of perception, mental enclosure and exclusion. The notion of war remains virtual until the continuum/capsule is blown up, until the body is bruised. "I dont want to set the world in fire" was written by The Ink Spots, a band from 1940. The song was covered several times (11 times just in 1941) and was soundtrack for the computer-game Fallout 3. The Text is accompanied by and adaptation of Franz Schuberts "Winterreise", a song cycle written in 18th century, covers the issues such as love, migration, alienation. The romantic escapism of biedermeier meets end-time escapism of the 20th and 21th century.









at Medianoche Gallery, NY 2009